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This is CT Nassau.

Continental Ticking Corporation of America.
Your source for fine quality mattress tapes and mattress ticking fabrics in North America, CT Nassau seeks to combine both mattress fabrics and mattress tape edging to make your bedding stand out on the retail floor.

Born in the tradition of old world craftsmanship and steeped in progressive leadership and excellent customer service, CT Nassau is a leader in the home furnishing textiles market.

Formed in 1991 after the acquisition of Nassau Tape & Webbing, Continental Ticking Corporation of America continues the 50 a year textile tradition as the parent of CT Nassau Tape, LLC & CT Nassau Ticking, LLC. The company is partially owned by Stellini Group, which has been an international supplier to the mattress, upholstery and quilt industries for 40 years, with production facilities throughout Europe and representation in numerous countries worldwide.

How we make the difference.

Just a Stone’s Throw Away

Together with our sister companies and partners worldwide, we rely on more than a hundred years of experience. Our guarantee for a consistent quality, everywhere on the globe.

Production Power

An ultramodern and agile machine park with the ability to produce quickly and qualitatively. Flexible too, with large or small production runs depending on your needs.

Tradition meets Innovation

More than a century of experience in bedding fabrics. That is a solid base of tradition and know-how. Still, CT Nassau is not afraid to look to the future and fully go for innovative solutions. Tradition and innovation, hand in hand.

Ambitious Trendsetter

Our development teams rely on years of experience and keep a close eye on trends, new materials and innovative techniques that they can apply to the CT Nassau range.