CT Nassau
Continental Ticking Corporation of America

Your source for fine European-quality mattress tapes and mattress ticking fabrics in North America, CT Nassau seeks to combine both mattress fabrics and mattress tape edging to make your bedding stand out on the retail floor. Born in the tradition of old world craftsmanship and steeped in progressive leadership, CT Nassau’s flexibility and excellent customer service have proven our leadership in the home furnishing textiles market.

Mattress Tape

CT Nassau is the leading producer of mattress tape in the United States, supplying over 65% of the market.  Our computerized color matching system enables us to match solid-colored woven or knit tape to virtually any color of mattress fabric, and we are continually developing exciting new decorative tapes.

Mattress Ticking Fabric

CT Nassau draws upon design expertise from both American and Italian designers to create inspired woven jacquard patterns in luxurious constructions and vibrant colors to satisfy your customers’ requirements for stylish and functional mattresses in today’s competitive market.
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